Once you have something to say, you need to say it to the right audience, on the right channel.


Websites, Social Media, and SEO

A great digital marketing campaign starts with a website that both highlights your business’s products and services and tells your business’s story in a clear, concise way. After this process is complete, our team can then determine the most appropriate digital marketing channels to get your message to potential customers. Of course, it never hurts to amplify your marketing efforts by putting money into a digital advertising campaign. At Milk Street Marketing, we provide clients with smart an effective marketing services in the Philadelphia area.

Web Development

In the digital world, this is the most important marketing asset for your organization.

SEO Marketing

With today’s SEO, getting found on Google is only the beginning.

Social Media Management

It’s not free marketing anymore. And it might not even matter for your business anyway.

Generating Leads and Driving Sales

Why Milk Street?

Generating Leads and Driving Sales

We understand the importance of integrated digital marketing. It starts with your website - the hub of your digital marketing. That website must be optimized for search so that your audience can easily find you. Finally, you have to get your message out to the various social media platforms, whether it be organically or through pay-per-click campaigns. The Milk Street Team offers digital services in Philadelphia and has experience initiating and executing many types of digital advertising campaigns. From social media advertising on Facebook, Linkedin, and/or Twitter to running Google Adwords campaigns Milk Street has a digital marketing solution to meet your business’s needs. SEO Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching the people most likely to use your business's products and/or services. On Milk Street, we take a three-headed approach to managing our client's SEO needs. The basis of any SEO strategy begins with your website. Our team has experience writing and formatting website copy in a way that makes it easy for all of the major search engines to find. Next, we look at Local SEO which makes sure you show in local search results and on online maps. Finally, our team uses Google AdWords to give your SEO strategy the boost it needs to get results.

Who We Do It For.

Our Work

Milk Street Marketing's client's range from FinTech startups, higher education institutions and businesses of all sizes. A very common scope of work is branding and website in conjunction content development and marketing management. Click through to see some pretty pictures and read a few clever turns of phrase.


GMP Trends

An eCommerce website with subscription payments and a membership paywall.


Connie’s Ric Rac

A music venue in south Philadelphia supporting local, original music. They’ve got the talent on stage, they just needed the right marketing to bring people through the doors.


NRG Edge

A cutting edge tech company needs to look cutting edge online. Milk Street delivered a modern website with some specific functionality for NRG Edge’s needs.


Nochumson P.C.

Designing a law firm’s website without the cliche look of a law firm website.


Reed Street Builders

Reed Street is a growing construction company in Philadelphia. While they build things in the real world, Milk Street was hired to build their digital world.


Palace Foods

Palace Foods, a specialty foods co-packing plant, are producing some great products, but they had no online presence in which to show them off.


Rutgers University SC&I

Rutgers University’s continuing education online classes are informative and convenient. It was Milk Street’s job to fill those classes with professionals looking to advance their careers.


NH Yates

NH Yates have been in business since 1949, but their digital marketing efforts were in their infancy. Milk Street was brought on to build a professional website as well as all of their digital marketing channels.


There's always more than meets the eye.

We'd love to share more of the backstory and juicy details behind our work, especially the one's that are most relevant to your needs.