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Fishtown Real Estate

Website and Logo Makeover: Extreme Edition


A New Look, And A New Website To Match

When Fishtown Real Estate approached us, they were looking for a fresh start. They wanted a new logo, color scheme, and website. The website had a few mandatories; they wanted it to be integrated with MLS and available in many different languages. As far as content management was concerned, the real estate agents already create the listing on MLS so they didn’t want to have to re-create the listing on their site as well. But, they would like to have the ability to edit the listing if needed.

Services Provided

The "Logo and Website" Package

Visual Identity

We created a fun, colorful logo and color scheme.

Website Design

The site was designed with a focus on the listings themselves.

Web Development

Using Wordpress, we integrated their MLS listings with IDXBroker to pull all of their listing information with complete control over layout.

Visual Identity

A Logo As Vibrant As Their Agents

Web Development

A Custom, MLS-Integrated Wordpress Site


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