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Visual Identity

Never underestimate the power of great graphic design.

Visual Identity

Design Elements That Tell Your Story

The vision that people form in their mind when they think of your business is your organization’s visual identity. Although a logo is a major component of your visual identity, there are many other elements that are important to take into consideration. For example, if you or your employees will be wearing a uniform, even if it’s only a t-shirt or hat, you’ll need to consider the color of the garment as well as the style. The color pallet is also important to consider when creating your website, designing the interior of your storefront, or creating branded merchandise. Certain design elements and colors schemes just work better for better for certain types of business and organizations than others.

On Milk Street, our design and marketing team have experience working together to create a visual identity that tells your story and leaves the right impression on your clientele.

Trust the Process

Color Palette, Logo, and other Design Elements


Research shows that a logo is often the first thing an individual uses to form an opinion about an organization. While not the only factor, a great logo will definitely entice people to want to know more about your establishment and what you do. Therefore, it's important to put time into developing a logo that speaks for your business. A well-designed logo takes advantage of colors, shapes, and fonts to tell others about your company. Although there are many automated "logo designer" programs available online, your logo is important and deserves the expertise of an experienced graphic designer. The Milk Street Team has experience designing logos for companies in numerous industries that tell a story and entice people to learn more about your organization.

Color Pallete

The colors you choose to represent your business send a message to your customers. It's no coincidence that Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, and Barclays all use blue as the main color in their logo and branding. The color light blue is said to convey feelings of trust, openness, and tranquility, while the dark blue conveys feelings of security, professionalism, and formalism. Obviously, these are all feelings that you'd want to get from the place you trust to your keep hard-earned money, and that's why banks choose them. However, it takes a skilled marketing team to understand how to use mix colors, graphics, and fonts in a way that creates these emotional color associations for consumers. On Milk Street, we chose the colors red and black for a reason. Red signifies the passion and attention that we put into all our marketing efforts while black adds that sophisticated edge we bring to all our projects. Let our team create a color pallet that speaks for your organization!

Visual Media

When we think about visual identity and branding the first things that come to mind are probably logo and color pallet, which we've already discussed. However, in today's digital world there are many other opportunities to create a visual identity for your brand. For example, many brands produce all of their photos with a certain "look" that isn't always easy to describe (is that a sepia filter?), but, is instantly associated with a particular brand. This is known as "on-brand photography" and is an important tool for creating a visual identity. Video is another platform that our team can utilize to create a brand's identity. By taking advantage of branded sets, watermarking, and other video elements our team is able to create branded video content that will give your organization a unique professional look.

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Milk Street Marketing's client's range from FinTech startups, higher education institutions and businesses of all sizes. A very common scope of work is branding and website in conjunction content development and marketing management. Click through to see some pretty pictures and read a few clever turns of phrase.


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