St. Hubert’s High School

They Came for the Ideas


St. Hubert's Needed Some Integrated Campaigns

When Robin Nolan (who helped spearhead the “Save Our School” campaign) was hired to head up St. Hubert’s development office, one of her first calls was to Milk Street founder Ron Bauman. And it just so happened that many of the women in his family, including mother, sister, and multiple aunts, cousins and friends were alumni. So you could certainly say there was an emotional attachment to the cause.

Our Approach

Ideas, Branding, Integrated Campaigns

A large part of our service to St. Hubert High School involves managing their brand. We assume responsibility for “Hubertizing” each item we design. Over the years several higher level branding elements such as a special logo for their planned giving society, or a logo to commemorate their 75th anniversary have been delivered. Lastly, creative copywriting and messaging, such as tag lines or email copy is provided as needed. It’s often the natural progression of our services when working in tandem with your clients to develop an impactful campaign strategy.


Services Provided

Connecting Digital with Print


A colorful campaign online and in real life.

Over the past four years, we have helped St. Hubert High School produce fully integrated campaigns for both admissions marketing and alumni development. We are extremely proud to have played such an important role in helping keep the school not only alive, but thriving.


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