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Content Strategy

Content Is King

Content Strategy

Collaborative, Comprehensive & Customized

As a brand, the content you deliver to your audience serves as an ongoing social contract, building, gaining, and reinforcing a level of trust with your brand. It serves as the fuel to your marketing engine and takes on all sizes, shapes, and formats while delivering on your brand promises and ultimately, your “Why”.

Developing engaging, relevant, and timely content is a foundational component of your overall marketing strategy. We often receive inquiries from prospective clients looking for help with social media. One of the first things we ask is, “What is your content strategy?” The answer in some cases is either “we don’t have one” or…..“what is a content strategy?”

We then ask about the brand story, or the “Why”, which must be established as it is the culmination of your brand strategy. This is what will then guide and provide direction for any content you produce.

Content Strategy

Components of a Content Strategy

If content is king, then branding is the queen and tells the king what to do. The following components of your content strategy will be addressed and derived from the brand strategy.


Of course, understanding your audience and clientele is always crucial. What types of news and information interest your customers and prospects? Is the content of value, and does it connect back to your brand strategy? What types of content will they not simply consume but also engage in and even share within their social circles?


Which channels are the most promising and effective for distributing your message while reinforcing your brand to your target audience? Social media (tik tok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), email, print advertising, mass media such as television and radio, and alternative media such as podcasts are all viable options depending on your audience demographics.


Always looking through the lens of your target audience, the format of your content is critical to acquiring engagement. Today, video content continually proves to be the most effective, but all marketing strategies must be multichannel and integrated. In certain situations, long-form written content such as case studies and white papers might be more appropriate and can facilitate sophisticated B2B marketing automation tactics. For other brands, you may need to kick up your meme game and dive into the wild world of Reddit. Ultimately, your content must demonstrate a cohesive, consistent brand while shape-shifting (adapting and evolving in both format and medium) to serve your specific marketing and business objectives.

Enticing engagement via value-adding content delivered via the proper channels puts your business in an opportunistic position for growth and continued success. Contact Team Milk Street to develop a comprehensive content strategy and plan that will optimize your marketing efforts.


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