NH Yates

Anything and Everything Water


It was time for Yates to enter the digital world.

N.H. Yates & Co. are both a manufactures representative and distributor for HVAC, plumbing and hydronic related products in several states in the Mid-Atlantic United States. For over 68 years N.H. Yates’ well-trained employees have provided clients with the technical expertise on a wide variety of boilers, boiler accessories, plumbing specialties, water heaters, tanks, valves and pumping systems including their own line of customized hydronic modules. That said, none of this was being presented properly online.

Our Approach

Creating a marketing hub

We took N.H. Yates’ old website, which was essentially a digital business card, and transformed it into an online marketing hub for the manufactures and products they represent. In addition, we felt it was important to give the company a website that, as their slogan says, put the “emphasis on water.” Therefore, our designers went with a custom HTML design that made it appear water is actually flowing through the home screen.

Although digital marketing is important, N.H. Yates, like most companies, still rely on print and promotional products to makes sales. If this is the case for your business, it’s important that all physical marketing materials have the same feel and design as digital marketing materials. To accomplish this brand cohesiveness for N.H. Yates, our team redesigned the companies business cards, sales pamphlets, and line cards to match the new website.

Services Provided

We're their outsourced marketing department.


Spreading the word on social media

Because of our website development and SEO efforts, Yates receives dozens of inbound leads every month via their website. Their social media presence continues to grow, and their brand is now well represented at various trade shows across the country.



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