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Pay Per Click Advertising

Social media is no longer free - you need to advertise.

Pay Per Click

Organic web traffic can only take your business so far.

Pay per click advertising is a tool for creating or increasing a brand’s internet presence. The paid placement of branded content helps to increase brand awareness and engagement. These ads can also re-engage existing customers and potential leads, driving an increase in future sales.

Pay Per CLick

The Optimal Place to Hit the Target

Understanding current and potential customers' mentality, habits, and lifestyle help decide where paid advertising is best. Which websites do your target demographic visit most frequently? What brands share a similar clientele but occupy a different niche or lane? For example, if you’re selling luxury cars, you may want to advertise on sites for other high-end items and services, especially in your region. When considering social media ads, which platform (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube is most popular within your target age demographic)? What format is best displayed on that platform (Image, video, written)?

Display Ads

Often dispatched via the Google Adwords platform, these banner-type advertisements are seen on headers or sidebars of popular websites and can be customized to account for a client's budget to reach target audiences. Pricing will often correlate with popularity and traffic.

Social Media Advertising

The benefit of utilizing social media for advertising is that the platforms inherently are large pools of customers, subdivided into denser, more specialized niches and pockets. In essence, it's the digital location where much of the population goes. But while traffic jams the highway, there’s an endless supply of unique neighborhoods to explore. The key is discovering which area (pinpointed via targeting criteria) houses your audience. Then, create advertising content fitting that context.


Retargeting advertisements are a tool that often helps complete the transactional process. Once a customer has visited your website, a cookie or pixel tracks their web browsing whereabouts. Cookies enable a business to target potential leads via ads on websites and social media platforms. Retargeting thus maintains a connection with the lead, serving as a reminder or suggestion that ideally ushers to future engagement and sales.

Building brand awareness, interactive customer relationships, and ultimately sales and profit is all possible via pay-per-click advertising. You could choose to play a game of guess and check with advertising across the vast expanse of the internet. Maybe, you’ll get lucky and going in without a plan will produce ideal results. Nevertheless, achieving optimal results without a tested strategy is unlikely. However, if you contact/ enlist Milk Street Marketing, we’ll implement a strategic plan within a budget that will drastically increase your odds of success.


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