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Live Events

Events can be powerful marketing tools for your business - if you execute properly.

Live Events

The Milk Street Trifecta can turn anything into a party.

Event marketing is where Team Milk Street really shines. Our track record and experience with producing events large and small have put us on the map in Philly. Our culture of fun and good times is best exemplified by our work with live events, when we inject our tried-and-true formula we refer to as the Milk Street Trifecta: Craft Beer, Craft Food And Craft Music.

Trust the Process

It always starts with a plan.

Planning & Logistics

One thing we know about event marketing is that if you want it to be successful, it takes a tremendous amount of planning, organization and strategic thinking. Sure, anyone can throw a party and we do that just as well as anyone. However, if you want to use live events as a way to engage your desired target audience, then you need to bring in professionals. Not only can our team put together an awesome program of activities and attractions, we can also curate an event marketing strategy that meets specific business objectives. Whether it’s to sell product onsite, or promote brand awareness, Team Milk Street knows how to get marketing ROI from live events.

Event Production

When it comes to putting the plans for event marketing into effect, Milk Street’s has the network, resources and savvy to produce both large scale events and small intimate affairs. In either case, we take care of every last detail to make sure that we are creating an experience that has a long lasting impact on your existing and potential customers. If the event calls for a super-sized display with a live social media feed - we can do that. Maybe we install a few lanes for bowling - no problem! You want someone to parachute in and deliver a special message to the crowd - you got it! Additionally (and more commonly), Milk Street can provide staging, sound, lighting, audio/visual services and more. We will also work with the municipal agencies to shut down street and acquire the various permits and licenses that may be required for our events. During the event, we put our Milk Street Team’s boots on the ground, facilitating registrations and additional audience engagement.

The Milk Street Trifecta

Craft Beer. Craft Food. Craft Music. Does it get any better than that? This is our preferred formula for event marketing success - The Milk Street Trifecta. If you want to engage your event attendees with a multi-sensory experience that they will remember and associate with your brand, then this event marketing strategy will surely get the job done. This is especially effective when targeting hipsters or millennials with your products or services.


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