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Engagement Strategies

Not just any event, the right event

Engagement Strategies

We Produce Live Events That Drive Results

Everyone loves a party, especially when they’re not paying. However, throwing a party doesn’t make much sense for your business unless you’re going to get something out of it. On Milk Street, our team has experience creating engagement strategies for events that target potential new clients to drive revenue for your business. Our process begins by generating excitement about your event. We do this by devising creative ways to invite guests and building a buzz about the event through social media and other digital marketing efforts. During the event, our team produces meaningful experiences that present your brand in a way that they will never forget. In addition, we’ll are sure to find interesting ways to get contact information from guests so that we can keep them up to date with the latest offers and info about your business.

Whether you want an intimate gathering to showcase your new product offerings or all-out bash to celebrate a major milestone the Milk Street team will produce engagement strategies event to benefit your business.

Trust the Process

Events that initiate meaningful relationships

Pre-Event Engagement

Generating excitement about for your event is all about building momentum. On Milk Street, our audience engagement process begins with developing an invite that does more than peak people's interest, it gets them excited. Maybe your invite is a simple, well-crafted email with an RSVP link. Or maybe you want to create a video invitation and promote is across every social media platform. Or maybe a traditional print invitation hand-delivered to your guest you would be best. Whatever the method, we will work with you to create content that speaks to your audience and gets them excited about your event, and more importantly your brand. Getting people excited and engaged with your event before it even starts takes a strategic plan and a people to execute to turn your vision into a reality.

Party Time

Getting people there is the first step to hosting a great event. However, if people don't stay, have a good time, and most importantly, remember your brand - it's all for nothing. Although everyone likes free food and drinks, if you really want to make your event memorable you need something to really "wow" your guests. Our team makes events engaging by creating extraordinary experiences for your guests that get them excited about your brand and products. For example, imagine a party for a speciality grocery store owner that features a celebrity chef preparing food for your guests with ingredients from your store? Or, imagine celebrating the anniversary of your organization with one of your favorite bands? Don't settle for chips, dips and a few bottles of wine and beer. Let the Milk Street Team create a compelling experience that will get people excited about your organization and remember your brand.

Post-Event Engagement

It's important to make the most of your event, even when it's over. whatever the reason is for the event, you should be gathering contact information from attendees. Now it's important to reach out to those guests and collect either information or leads. It's more than just feedback about the event itself. If you're properly using live events in your marketing strategy, then you need to reach out to the attendees and keep the momentum from the event in your favor.


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