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5 Reasons You Need a Website Upgrade

5 Reasons You Need a Website Upgrade

website upgrade5 Reasons You Need a Website Upgrade.

If you think your business needs a website upgrade, it probably does. Maybe you can’t justify making the investment to upgrade your site right now, but here are 5 reasons you should:

You don’t have one.

In today’s digitally driven business world, if you don’t have a website, you’re not a legitimate business. It’s that simple. If someone hears about your business, even if it’s recommended from a friend, they’re almost certainly going to Google it before contacting you. If they can’t find you online, your chances of landing a new client are extremely low.

Your website is a digital representation of your business.

Having a website is the first step. Having a website that represents your company well is the next. If your business’s website doesn’t showcase your products and/or services, it’s not doing you any good. Investing in a website upgrade ensures that you’re putting your best foot forward with new clients.

Websites trends change almost every year.

Websites are kind of like cars. Each year they change just enough to make you want a new one. And after two or three years, they start looking like a totally new car. If you haven’t upgraded your website in a year or more, adjustments need to be made. Remember the hamburger button? Those three little lines that let you know where to find the websites’s menu? A few years ago no one had them on their sites, now they’re everywhere. Little modifications like this keep your site looking smart and up to date.

You’re not getting any traffic or leads from your current website.

If you’re not getting any traffic or leads from your website don’t abandon it, upgrade it. In order to generate more web-traffic, start by updating your content to be compatible with the latest SEO guidelines. Additionally you should be posting new, SEO compatible content to your website often so your site stays relevant with search engines.

Lead Generation vs Lead Verification.

Many business owners, especially B2B, feel that they don’t need a new website in order to generate sales leads. In the past, they were probably right; they didn’t need a website to get new clients. However, in today’s digital business world, potential clients will always go to your website when vetting your business. If your site doesn’t represent your business well, you’ll likely lose the business.


Many businesses know their website is in need of an upgrade, but they just don’t have the time or budget for a re-design. So we’ve put together a package that will give you a clean, modern, repsonsive website at a price you can easily afford.


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