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Brand Strategy

You've got to have reason behind your "why".

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is for every business, every size

On Milk Street, our approach to brand strategy is rooted in three fundamental areas of focus: Who you are, what you are doing and who you are doing it for. Through that process, we identify and articulate your higher purpose in a way that connects your brand to its desired target audience. As a result, we build communities around shared values as it relates to your business, and the culture of your company which promotes awareness, adoption, acceptance and loyalty to your brand.

Trust the Process

Research, brainstorm, execution

Market Research

The first step in developing your brand strategy is intense research and investigation of your products and services, the market, and industry in which you operate. We employ a variety of methods including data sourcing, interviews and focus groups. And we Google stuff. Once all the pertinent information is collected, organized, poured over and analyzed, Milk Street will develop a brand strategy that sets the stage for all future marketing communications and activities. We slice and dice your target audience into various segments which allow us to develop specific personas and provide more relevant messaging. Key motivators and behavioral trends that are important to your brand’s business objectives are identified. Ultimately, the insight and intelligence produced has benefits that transcend every day marketing activities.

Strategy Development

This phase of brand strategy development consists of positioning your brand amongst your competition and demonstrating why your target audience should choose your products or services instead. Team Milk Street thrives in this state of ideation, as we take what we learned during the research and investigation stage and apply them to our mindset of “Wouldn’t be awesome if….”. And when all is said and done, what we are left with is a compelling story that tells people what you are all about, and why they should listen to what you have to say. By determining what makes you special, our brand strategy experts will craft a message to your audience that has the ability to shake them to their core.

Growth Planning

After the brand strategy has been formalized, the implementation over the expected life cycle of the business becomes a critical factor in overall success. Anticipating market trends, new technologies and marketing channels allow us to build communities around brands that are scalable. Our way of thinking about business ensure that the goals of the brand are met today and in the future. Team Milk Street will develop a plan to create brand awareness, increase it in relation to established benchmarks, and analyze the impact the brand is having in regard to your overall business goals.

Who We Do It For.

Our Work

Milk Street Marketing's client's range from FinTech startups, higher education institutions and businesses of all sizes. A very common scope of work is branding and website in conjunction content development and marketing management. Click through to see some pretty pictures and read a few clever turns of phrase.


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