NRG Edge

A cutting edge company needs to look cutting edge.


NRG needed a professional website

NRG Edge is a technology company that implements and integrates CMS for large-scale websites. They’ve been a leader in their industry since 2008, and while they have the know-how to implement in the back-end, they needed someone who excels on the front-end. A technology company needs a modern, professional website and that means a solid UX design.

Our Approach

NRG Edge added one caveat in the design; it must be built using the Zurb Foundation framework. Milk Street designed a sleek, modern site, within the requested framework, that really shows off their company’s talents.

While the NRG team had some of the content ready for the site, there was still some holes in the copy. On top of that, this new site now had a blog, and we needed some initial posts to fill out the website. Milk Street produced SEO-friendly content on many of the site’s pages, along with a handful of blog posts ready for launch.

Services Provided

A custom design and clean code


A fresh, professional site with the right content.

We look at all of our clients’ websites as reflections of our work, and so every Milk Street website comes with on-going maintenance. In addition, we can help with the implementation of the site on your host as well as any domain changes you may require for the launch of the site.

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