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Online Marketing Tools You Need To Get Right Now!

Online Marketing Tools That Rock

The top online marketing tools are now right at your fingertips! To help our sales, marketing, and business development brethren, we have composed a list of our favorite, must-have, can’t-live-or-work-without online tools and apps. Ok sure, some of them may have desktop versions, but there’s no reason to pretend that it’s 1999. We can still party like it is, though.

Online marketing tools have become very accessible, while also becoming more advanced than ever. Many are free and can be used in a browser on a desktop or through a mobile app. Google leads the way, of course, as they provide a comprehensive toolbox for marketers and small business owners with G-Suite. But they are certainly not the only game in town. Here are some non-Google online tools and apps that can help you become a better, more efficient marketer or business development professional.

  1. Prezi

    If you are pitching new business, creative concepts, or even presenting ideas in a sales meeting, ditch the boring old PowerPoint slide deck. Prezi is an innovative, yet easy-to-use online marketing tool that will give that “wow” factor to your presentations. Without having to know how to use complex animation design software, you can create multimedia experiences for your audience that will help you close the deal.
    Price: Free 14-day trial, then plans range from $7-$59 per month.
  2. Flipsnack

    PDFs are cool and all, but if you are a sales or marketing professional, you likely would prefer to make an impact when sending certain documents, such as a business proposal. The page turning animation and online viewing capability are the key features of Flipsnack, and can serve as a unique, value-added deliverable for graphic designers who produce multi-page brochures for their clients.For a more detailed review of Flipsnack, visit for a full review.
    Price: Ranges from $0 – $79 per month.
  3. TeamworkPM

    Teamwork online marketing toolsWe use a plethora of online marketing tools on Milk Street, but the one that we use more than all is our project management dashboard, Teamwork. Although not inherently a marketing tool, it is a very effective platform for collaboration, communication, and organization. Its features and information architecture align perfectly for a marketing agency managing 10 or more clients.
    Price: Ranges from $0 – $15 per user, per month.
  4. Moz Pro

    There aren’t many alternative options that compete with Google, especially when it comes to search engine analytics. Moz Pro does not only compete, but beats Google with a better user interface and experience, and less complicated reporting. It’s not free, but then again neither is Google, contrary to what they want you to believe.
    Price: Ranges from $99 – $999 per month.
  5. Dropbox

    When in comes to cloud storage, the options are just about limitless. And we may have used all of them at one point or another on Milk Street. We prefer Dropbox Business for small teams that need to share access to a large repository of files on a regular basis. It’s easy to use, and integrates into just about every program known to man.
    Price: Free 14-day trial, then plans range from $12.50 – $20 per month.

    scheduling online marketing tools As sales and marketing professionals, we often need to schedule meetings with associates, coworkers and potential clients. Don’t worry – it’s not yet another calendar app to manage. gives you a cool, efficient way to get the appointment booked, without all the back-and-forth emails and texts. Calendly becomes even more valuable when trying to get three or more people confirmed for a meeting. It integrates with all the calendar apps, so you won’t miss a beat. Or a meeting.
    Price: Ranges from $0-$12 per user, per month.
  7. Instapage

    While you may require to have some intermediate knowledge of how the internet works, you don’t need to be a full stack web developer to create landing pages for your campaigns or other marketing initiatives. Instapage is an online marketing tool that gives the average professional an easy way to pop-up a quick web page to capture leads, collect email address, or event registrations. Instapage contains drag-and-drop functionality, and does a nice job converting layouts for mobile devices.
    Price: Free 14-day trial, then $99 per month.
  8. Mailchimp

    Another one of our mainstays on Milk Street, Mailchimp is our email platform of choice. Compared to its closest competitor, Constant Contact, it offers a much more design friendly interface. Plus, they always have cool little sayings and quips within the dashboard sprinkled about. It’s relatively cheap, and after investigating many other enterprise level solutions, we’ve found no reason to switch.
    Price: Ranges from $0-$199 per month.
  9. Nimble

    crm online marketing tools Somehow CRM (Client Relationship Management), as important as it is, seems to be an afterthought for many small businesses. However, if you are a sales and marketing professional, then you know this is the oil flowing through your revenue pipeline. Like so many other online marketing tools, enterprise-level platforms have either started as a CRM product, or acquired one to add to its offering. Nimble is much easier to navigate than something like Salesforce, and it includes some unique features that tie-in your social media accounts. The value of integrating data from all aspects of your business or organization is impossible to understate. Or you could simply use a spreadsheet if all you need is a mailing list generator for holiday cards.
    Price: Ranges from $9-$25 per user, per month.
  10. Canva

    We had to make sure we included an online marketing tool for design, and we considered the industry leading suite of products available through Adobe’s Creative Cloud. However, it can get pricey, especially if you’re not using it every day. Canva is an effective and free alternative. It has oodles of templates and is great for banging out quick-hit graphics for social media and email campaigns.
    Price: Ranges from $0-$12.95 per month.

Hopefully, you can incorporate some of these online tools into your marketing arsenal. Of course, if you’re looking for even more help with your marketing than what is offered above, you can always call on Milk Street and our long list of services!

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