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Fox Rothschild

We Are Fox


A Vehicle For Strategic Messaging

Fox Rothschild is a one of the fastest growing law firms in the Unites States with over 1000 attorneys in 29 office locations. Milk Street Marketing currently works with senior marketing leadership to support a variety of strategic messaging initiatives. To effectively tell the stories that were identified as critical by the firm’s executive committee, Fox Rothschild chose Milk Street for its high-level of video production experience. Our teams worked closely to create the specific narratives that would help achieve their messaging objectives, while Milk Street developed a production plan that would yield the video content of the highest quality. The topics ranged from “Local Presence. National Footprint”; DEI Initiatives, mentorship and more.

Why Milk Streeet?

Branded Content

Content Strategy

Our team worked in partnership with the CMO of Fox Rothschild to create a specific content strategy centered on very specific key messaging points.

Content Development

With an effective strategy in place, we engineered a plan to develop subject matter and thought leadership that was extracted directly from the Fox Rothschild attorneys, in their own words.

Video Production

Using the most engaging content format at our disposal, our video production team was deployed to capture the sounds bites and accompanying visual content in an effort to build that narratives that best told the story of Fox Rothschild.


Local Footprint. National Presence.


There's always more than meets the eye.

We'd love to share more of the backstory and juicy details behind our work, especially the one's that are most relevant to your needs.