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Ep 12 – Landing Page Development

#MilkPod Ep 12 – Landing Page Development

Here on Milk Street, we use landing pages. A lot. So it was only natural that we broke down what makes a successful landing page on Milk Pod. We provide actionable advice how to use them in your marketing efforts and share some examples of landing pages we’ve used in the past.

Our Milk Street Minute Landing Page

Landing PageWe use a landing page for our email newsletter signups. This page is effective because:

There is only one call to action, which is easy to get right away.

There is no navigation or distractions.

One clear and exciting tagline because, yes, it would be awesome if you had the most exciting ideas waiting for you.

Visitors either sign up or they don’t and all of our tweaks are focused on one thing: Getting a higher percentage of people that end up on the page to give us their email address. The clear and focused nature of it allows us to A/B test things like taglines, CTA’s and form length.

St. Hubert’s

One client we talk about all the time is St. Hubert’s High School because we get to really have fun with them and apply some awesome new strategies. The client knew that the more prospective students they had attend Open House, the more students they’d have enroll. So we developed this landing page that addressed two different audiences: 1) The students and 2) Their parents and each of their unique pain points.

Junto Music

If you’re an avid listener of the podcast you’ve heard us talk about Junto Music. We developed a landing page for this exciting new brand before we even launched. We added a countdown to capitalize on the buzz and anticipation we’ve already generated. Then we provided a little bit of information and included one easy CTA.

Landing page tools

We also gave a nice to plug to as a valuable tool for marketers to quickly get landing pages up and running without the need to know how to code. Always be sure to gauge price model versus attributes such as design and coding flexibility, analytics and extra features such as A/B testing.

The episode featured tracks from local Philly artists Night Windows, The Means, and Momma Hankton.

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